While Met Park's architecture was this nearly bizarre futuristic looking octagonal designed stadium... the rest of the ballpark was anything but. The views were simply rural with little to look at except the future Mets on the field. There were no grandstands in the outfield in any direction with nearly all of the 6200 seats located within the 1st baseline and 3rd baseline grandstands. With outfield or berm seating, this ballpark could easily have held over 10,000. Because the outfield was so barren, it looked deeper than nearly any other ballpark. The ballpark's dimensions were 341-410-341 but Tides GM Dave Rosenfield swore that no one would ever hit a HR to dead center. When Opening Day finally arrived in 1970, Rosenfield would watch a ball not only sail over CF but clear those tall trees and the nearly the flagpole as well.