1970 was actually the Mets' second year here in the Tidewater region. The Mets Triple-A organization had actually moved to the area a year earlier from their previous (and somewhat temporary) home in Jacksonville Florida (Wolfson Park). They would house the Tidewater Tides for one season while Met Park was being built at Portsmouth's Frank D. Lawrence Stadium. FDL Stadium had been home for the previous 30 years to all of Portsmouth's baseball teams including previous (pre-Mets) Tidewater Tides franchises. Met Park was expected not just to replace Portsmouth's Frank D. Lawrence Stadium but all of Norfolk's previous ballparks as well (Bain Field 1931-1939 and Myers Field aka High Rock Park 1940-1955 according to Gord Brown SABR). Norfolk and Portsmouth... despite being so close to each other, had their own teams and stadiums in the Piedmont League and were bitter rivals. Hampton-Newport News also had its own stadium as well (Newport News' Shipbuilders Park & Hampton's War Memorial Stadium which is still standing). This gave the Tidewater region 3 professional Minor League ballparks in the same league all playing simultaneously within an 18 square mile area. (Nearby Suffolk also had Peanut Park which was active in the Virginia League from 1948-1951, at one point giving this area 4 active ballparks at once).