Photo courtesy of Richard Freeman
According to Gord Brown, SABR, Met Park stadium was located next to I-64 at the Military Highway ... just a Dave Kingman'esque HR away from Norfolk's International Airport. So close in fact that planes would often come right over the stadium. This forced Tides (and opposing) players to constantly be stepping out of the box until the aircraft (and the noise... and the distraction...) passed before continuing on. The Mets didn't do this on purpose but it certainly did prepare the Mets prospects of the next 23 years for the onslaught of LaGuardia air traffic over Shea Stadium. (For those who didn't grow up around Shea Stadium, players would "Step out" of the batters box nearly every at bat because of the noise level of the approaching planes as Shea was right on the flight path. In fact, on one foggy morning a plane came so close to Shea that it nearly knocked over the massive scoreboard and sent the Mets players diving into the dugout for cover. Luckily this happened during batting practice and not during an actual game).