Photo courtesy Norfolk Tides
The 21 men who would be promoted to the Major Leagues to become future All-Stars would make this ballpark a near historical place. If Darryl hadn't done the things he did... well maybe there could have been a future Hall of Famer from here. Certainly there will be in the managing department as Jay Gibbons and Managers of the Year Ron Gardenhire, Clint Hurdle and Bruce Bochy all were promoted from here and at least Bochy should reach the Hall. No doubt Billy Beane will make this place a historical shrine one day thanks to his continued work with the Oakland A's as their GM.
The big 21 accounted in the end for a total of 47 total All-Star appearances in this ballpark's 23 years of service. They are as follows:
Darryl Strawberry (8x), David Cone (5x), Randy Myers (4x), Jeff Reardon (4x), John Stearns (4x), Lenny Dykstra (3x), Jon Matlack (3x), Mike Scott (3x), Ken Singleton (3x), Rick Aguilera (3x), Sid Fernandez (2x), Kevin Mitchell (2x), Hubie Brooks (2x), Jesse Orosco (2x), Gregg Jefferies (2x), Todd Hundley (2x), Ron Darling (1x), Jeremy Burnitz (1x), Fernando Vina (1x), Jim Bibby (1x), Buzz Capra (1x). 

Met Park players who have gone on to win Major League:
Cy Young Awards : Mike Scott, David Cone
MVP Awards: Kevin Mitchell
Manager of the Year Awards: Bruce Bochy, Ron Gardenhire, Clint Hurdle
General Manager of the Year Awards: Billy Beane
Rookie of the Year Award: Darryl Strawberry

Of course there were plenty of future Mets "Greats" which would never make an All-Star team which were produced by Met Park as well... such as:
Mookie Wilson, Craig Swan, Wally Backman, Mike Jorgensen, Ed Milner, Mike Vail, Ron Hodges, Ed Lynch, Nino Espinosa, John Pacella and his falling hat, Juan Berenguer, Neil Allen, Pepe Mangual, Alex Trevino, Tim Leary, Billy Beane, Rafael Santana, Calvin Schiraldi, Terry Leach, Dave Magadan, Kevin Elster

The all time highest qualifying totals by a player are as follows:
Batting Average: 1975 Mike Vail - .342
Doubles: 1987 Mark Carreon - 1987 - 41 2B
Triples: 1980 Mookie Wilson - 14 3B
Home Runs:  1987 Randy Milligan - 29 HR
RBI's: 1983 Clint Hurdle - 105 RBI
OPS: 1987 Randy Milligan - 1.033 OPS
Stolen Bases: 1980 Mookie Wilson - 50 SB ; 1979 Mookie Wilson - 49 SB
Wins: 1971 Jim Bibby - 15 Wins
Losses: 1983 Tim Leary - 16 Losses
Saves: 1984 Wes Gardner - 20 Saves
ERA:  1988 David West - 1.80 ERA (12-4)
K's: 1980 Juan Berenguer - 178 K's

The Tides would win a total of 5 International League Triple-A Championships in 23 years.
The ballpark was demolished just after this photo was taken in 1993.