Jefferies would finally start to come around and hit 28 2B with 15 HR and bat .283 in 1990 at Shea Stadium but it seemed as if that was his ceiling. The Mets feeling maybe they should trade him while they still could get something for him... packaged Jefferies with Kevin McReynolds and Keith Miller and sent him off to Kansas City for Bret Saberhagen. Jefferies would however finally realize his talents and though he would never become the steady hitter everyone thought he would be, for two seasons he did reach the heights that everyone thought that he could. It was in St. Louis in 1993 when Jefferies finally came into his own for a few MVP-like seasons with his best coming during that 1993 stint batting a fantastic .342 with 24 2B, 16 HR, 84 RBI's and 46 Steals followed by a .325 season with 12 HR and 12 steals. It took awhile for Jefferies to finally reach what everyone knew he could achieve they were also very short lived and those two All-Star seasons would be his only two appearances in the Mid-Summer Classic. A bit of a disappointment for what the Mets thought would be a franchise player and perhaps even a future Hall of Famer. As for the Tides, they continued to draw around 200k each year here at Met Park but there were rumors that this once "space-age" ballpark had become quite obsolete as they went forward into the 1990's. The ballpark always had a very interesting and unique look to it but that was just the architecture. The view however (which is what everybody actually saw once they sat down)... didn't quite match the futuristic interior. The Tides wanted a place that was less about the future and more about "Norfolk"... ships, "tides" and the U.S. Navy. Metropolitan Memorial Park meanwhile continued to raise future All-Stars as 1991 brought in Todd Hundley (24 2B, 14 HR, 66 RBI, .273). Hundley would be the next Mets future star to take them into the rest of the "90's". Their golden era of Doc-Straw-El Sid-Darling-Mex-Wally-Nails-Mookie-HoJo & Carter was most definitely at an end... as apparently was Met Park.