Billy Beane promptly hit .284 with 34 2B, 19 HR, 77 RBI's and 15 SB at Met Park. It was a great season but Beane would just never pan out. Beane gave up his playing career soon afterwards and joined the Oakland front office.  While the Mets had thus far promoted some of the best future Managers in the Major Leagues (while they were still players) Billy Beane would become by far the greatest General Manger, going on to run the Oakland A's beginning in 1988 where he still reigns today. His unique statistical style inspired a Major Motion Picture about his life in which he is was played by Brad Pitt called "Moneyball". When Beane took over the A's, he replaced Sandy Alderson who shared Beane's view on statistical managing and Sandy went on to become the GM of the New York Mets. The Mets at this point were just a season away from winning the World Series and the final pieces of their puzzle came together here in 1985. At the plate, the man who had stolen 105 bases in Lynchburg's City Stadium had finally come to Tidewater. Lenny Dykstra would bat .310 and play in 58 games here stealing 26 bases. Lenny would share CF with Mookie Wilson for the next 3 years leading the Mets to 2 post-season appearances with his best season coming in 1986 when he stole 31 bases while batting .295. He would become an All-Star however not with the Mets, but with the Phillies when he was traded for Juan Samuel in another horrible Mets front office trade. Dykstra (and the rest of the 1986 team for that matter) were known for being a bit of a raucous bunch. When future "star" Gregg Jefferies showed up at Shea Stadium, Dykstra and McDowell (amongst others) were known for teasing him and torturing him in any way they could... which sent them packing to the Phillies.