While the New York Mets were on their way to the World Series for the second time in 4 years (only to lose to the Oakland A's), one of the best Mets pitchers to never appear in an All-Star game came to Tidewater in 1973 as their future "Ace of staff". Craig Swan went 7-5 with a 2.34 ERA. "Swanny" as he was known was famed for putting up low ERAs and .500 win-loss records because the rest of the team around him was so bad. Swan would never actually make it to the All-Star game because of this, though he deserved to on many occasions... especially in 1978 when his (9-6) 2.43  gave him the National League ERA title. His teammate Bob Apodaca shared that sentiment posting a 6-3, 1.80 on his way to a career in the bullpen (3-4-13 Sv, despite a 1.49 ERA in 1975 for the Mets). Apodaca would eventually find his true calling in being one of the great pitching coaches for the Major Leagues. Bill McNulty meanwhile would become the first Tidewater Tides player to hit over 20 homers at The Met batting .248 with 30 2B and 25 HR. The New York Mets wouldn't be going back to the World Series again for a dozen years and in that time would become one of the worst teams in baseball. The future of that awful team however was coming to life here in Tidewater. Along with Don Hahn (7 HR, .274) and Bruce Boisclair (.255) the Tides were trying to repeat and were doing well in the Minors despite the future of the New York Mets. The '73 Tides would make it to the postseason but not capture the title... mimicking their Major League affiliate. In 1974 they would drop to the bottom of the league... again mimicking their affiliate.