Photo from Newark Public Library
This massive 1937 team featuring 7 future Major League All-Stars including 1 Hall of Famer put up a 109-59 record on the season, running away with the championship. The Bears have been ranked by Minor League Baseball official properties as the 3rd best Minor League team in the history of the sport.
Newark Bears MILB Top 3 Best Teams.. It was the 2nd Championship title for Ruppert Stadium and this city. Up until this point the Bears' Ruppert Stadium home
was their own. There were several Negro League franchises such as the Newark Dodgers and Newark Stars, but these teams had played their games at several other Newark stadium locations such as the "recently deceased" Schools Stadium which Digitalballparks never got to photograph but did get to see... an oval stadium much like Paterson's Hinchliff Stadium. The Newark Eagles however began to utilize this ballpark when the Newark Bears were on the road and featured quite a few of the big name players of their day. The Eagles had morphed from the former Newark Dodgers franchise and their fan base was a very strong one in this city. The Newark Eagles star Max Manning once said the Eagles were to "black Newark what the Dodgers were to Brooklyn" *Wiki. The Eagles were part of the Negro National League and they had the same stunning lineup as the Bears as a Negro League counterpoint... featuring Hall of Famer Ray Dandridge who batted .403 in 1934, .372 in 1937 and .340 in 1938. He wasn't the only future Cooperstown inaugurate as future HOF Leon Day would bat .381 in 1937 while posting a 5-0 record on the mound. Future 22 year NL veteran Hall of Famer Willie Wells batted .290 in 1937 and .292 in 1938 for the Newark Eagles and future 23 year veteran of the Negro League's Mule Sutters batted .333 in 1936 and .354 in 1937 with 5 HR. Imagine a lineup with 4 future Hall of Famers... The Newark Eagles were simply spectacular and amazingly, were getting better and better by the year.