Photo from GE Archive Collection at the Schenectady
Science Center

The hitting really began to come around in 1930 as Herb Thomas took over the all time doubles lead with 43 while hitting 12 3B, 19 HR and batting .322. Ralph Shiners was just as good with 39 2B, 20 HR and a .310 while Harry Layne completed the trio of power hitters with 32 2B, 12 3B, 20 HR and a .326. Bill Windle was also terrific with a .331, 29 2B, 14 3B and 12 HR. Buck Jordan took over the batting title of Ruppert Stadium hitting .352 with 29 2B, 10 3B and 9 HR. The hitting had arrived but the pitching
had not as Leo Mangum was 10-19, 5.03 to keep the Bears from competing. Myles Thomas would try to right that ship in 1931 by putting up an 18-6 record (3.62) while Al Mamaux came back for one his last season's at age 37 going 8-1, 2.20 (not enough innings to qualify). George Quellich (40 2B, 20 HR, .335) and Ike Boone (33 2B, 18 HR, .356 - new batting title for Ruppert Stadium) joined up with the first future All-Star to come out of Ruppert Stadium... Jo-Jo Moore who batted .347 with 13 2B and 6 HR who was on his way to 6 All-Star seasons for the New York Giants. Finally the Bears broke out to a 99 win season tying their all time high here at this ballpark that was set in 1926. Unfortunately, they again fell short of a title. However 1932 would change all that. Pitcher Al Mamaux came down from atop the mound and take over for HOF Tris Speaker as Manager. The 1932 Bears meanwhile would be bought out by the New York Yankees who would make them their Triple-A International League affiliate. What happened next, would go down in history as one of the 100 greatest Minor League teams ever. Jesse Hill hit .331 with 39 2B, 12 3B and 17 HR. International League MVP Marv Owen hit .317 with 38 2B, 14 3B and 11 HR while 4 future All-Stars would lead the way. Red Rolfe would bat .330 with 36 2B, 13 3B and 8 HR on his way to becoming a 4 time All-Star for the Yankees. Backing up Rolfe was the future superstar of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Dixie Walker (30 2B, 15 HR, .350) who would go on to earn a National League batting title hitting .357 for the "Brooklyn Bums". 2 Time All-Star Yankees' George Selkirk would add a .287 with 11 HR and Johnny Murphy was 6-7, 4.18 on his way to 3 All-Star seasons for the Yankees. Joining Murphy on the mound was Jim Weaver at 15-6 and a monster named Don Brennan who put up a fantastic 26-8, 2.79 record to lead the Newark Bears to a 109-59 record and take home their first ever Championship to Ruppert Stadium. The 1932 Bears are considered to be the 53rd best team in Minor League History.