Photo from Newark Public Library
Ruppert Stadium was built in 1926 by Bayside promoter Charles A. Davids who had previously owned the Reading ballclub when they were a Triple-A (Class A) International League team. The ballpark was originally dubbed "Davids Stadium" in honor of its creator, but Charles quickly found himself in trouble... unable to make the payments on the $125,000 ballpark. Paul Block took over the stadium, 2 years later and quickly found
himself in the same predicament. That's when Col. Jacob Ruppert stepped in. Col. Ruppert was the famed owner of the New York Yankees and he bought the stadium for $360,000 and by 1932... it was the Triple-A home of the Bronx Bombers. "Davids' Stadium" aka Ruppert Stadium, had taken over for Wiedenmayer Park ... the former Triple-A Newark Baseball Stadium which had served as home for the International League from 1902-1919 and had stood on this property since 1902. The wooden Wiedenmayer Park burned to the ground in 1925 but there was nothing wrong with the ballfield. Ruppert Stadium was built around the same footprint where Newark's former pro stadium... Wiedemayer Park had stood before the fire. The Newark Bears had also utilized the very large 21,000 seat Harrison Park for a time but like Wiedenmayer Park... that too had burned to the ground 2 years earlier.