Photo from Newark Public Library
Future Yankee All-Stars, Red Rolfe (40 2B, 7 HR, .326 - 1933 International League MVP) and George Selkirk (28 2B, new Ruppert Stadium record 15 3B, R.S. tying 22 HR, .306) returned to do some damage. Another future All-Star by the name of Myril Hoag (31 2B, 21 HR, .297) nearly joined Selkirk for the all time HR lead at this ballpark. On the mound, Jim Weaver was phenomenal tying for 2nd all-time in wins with 25 (25-11, 2.72). Future All-Star Johnny Murphy returned as well to put up a 9-6, 2.97. The 1933 Bears went 102-62 on the season to again take 1st place but lost in the first round of the playoffs. They would try again in 1934 putting up a 93-60 to take 1st place for the 3rd straight season behind the monster bat of Vince Barton who easily took over the all time HR title with 32 2B, 32 HR and a .261... beating the previously held record of22 (Jack Fournier/George Selkirk) by 10 bombs. George Selkirk returned again to bat .357, taking over Ruppert Stadium's batting title from Ike Boone (.356) with 23 2B and 10 HR and Jumbo Brown was 20-6 but they would lose again in the 1st round. In fact, the Bears would lose in 1935 and in 1936 in the first round as well for 4 straight seasons of stumbling to the finish line. 3 more future MLB All-Stars came to the Bears during this time with Pinky May hitting .280 with 37 2B and 10 HR; Spud Chandler posting a 14-13 record and Cliff Melton going 7-15, 4.48. Ernie Koy took over the all time Ruppert Triple's mark with 24 2B, 19 3B, 16 HR, .297 beating out George Selkirk's 15. Then 1937 came and all of that "lost in the 1st round" nonsense would be put to rest. A killer lineup of future MLB All-Stars came together with 6 time future All-Star George McQuinn (.330, 30 2B, 21 HR); 5 time future MLB All-Star Charlie Keller (34 2B, 14 3B, 13 HR, .353); Phillies future All-Star Babe Dahlgren (34 2B, 12 3B, 18 HR, .340); Future 5 time MLB All-Star Buddy Rosar (15 2B, 8 HR, .332) and the leader of this motley bunch... future Hall of Famer (the first ever produced by this ballpark), Joe Gordon (33 2B, 26 HR, .280). Even future 5 Time Yankee All-Star slugger Tommy Henrich got in on the act for 25 At Bats batting .440 before being called to the Majors. Jim Gleeson meanwhile would take over Herb Thomas' all time two-bagger lead with 47 doubles beating the all time Ruppert Stadium record by 4 while also slamming 10 3B and 16 HR and putting up a .298. On the mound was future All-Star Marius Russo (8-8, 3.63) and he was joined by 4 pitchers who would define one of the top 3 greatest teams in the history of professional Minor League Baseball on the mound... led by Joe Beggs (21-4, 2.61) and followed by Atley Donald (19-2, 3.22), Vito Tamulis (18-6, 3.98) and Steve Sundra (15-4, 3.09)... these 4 combining for a record 73-16.