Coca-Cola Field

aka Pilot Field
Dunn Tire Park
North Americare Pk
Downtown Ballpark

Buffalo New York

Home of the
Buffalo Bison

International League
With its trademark red seats, this beautiful ballpark (which we will call Coca-Cola Field from here on out, because trying to keep track of the ever-changing names is nearly impossible), is double the requirements, that Minor League Baseball mandates for its Triple-A standards. Even though Major League Baseball would never move into this ballpark, Buffalo would still need those extra 10,000 seats because the Bisons would sell out game after game. With baseball stadiums in Omaha and Portland no longer serving professional baseball, Coca Cola Field is now the largest Minor League Baseball Stadium as of 2011. Buffalo has had more than 4 chances of becoming a Major League city. There was the expectation that at least one of the 2 MLB expansions (totalling 4 teams) in the past 2 decades would be given to Buffalo. Even if not, both the Expos and the Pirates were thought to be on the move, and when they were… one of them would end up here. The Pirates who took over the affiliation of the ballpark when it was debuted in 1988, did not think that Pittsburgh would come through with a new stadium, and expected Coca-Cola Field to be promoted to the Majors. Sure enough, PNC Park was created and the Pirates as it would turn out, would continue on in Pittsburgh. The Expos meanwhile bounced to Puerto Rico and then back north landing in Washington D.C… a move that wasn’t anticipated because nobody expected Baltimore to allow another Major League team to come within its radius. It cost the Expos aka the Nationals all of their media rights to broadcast games, (which went to the Orioles Sports Network) but a deal was finally achieved, leaving Buffalo in the dust. Of course the expansion teams were handed out to Miami, Tampa Bay, Phoenix and the Bisons' biggest rival, Denver. In hindsight, Buffalo was probably a better choice and would have had stronger fan support than either of the 2 Florida franchises.