Coca-Cola Field

aka Pilot Field
Dunn Tire Park
North Americare Pk
Downtown Ballpark

Buffalo New York

Home of the
Buffalo Bison

International League
The New York franchise had been a little short on farm system talent for quite some time. Farm System Director Tony Bernazard and Mets General Manager Omar Minaya had let the Minor League organization go bare. With wholesale changes coming to the Mets front office at the end of the 2010 season, there is hope that the Bisons will see some playoff contenders in the not too distant future. The baseball fans of Buffalo are not as strong as they used to be, especially with the Montreal Expos… Buffalo’s perhaps final hope for a Major League team, winding up in Washington D.C. With that move, you can see the fall in attendance from the once lofty 1.2 million mark, to an earthly 550,000.  Still… in the grand scheme of things, 550k is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Even in its worst season, Coca-Cola Field outdraws 90% of Minor League Baseball teams… which is still way above normal. A Minor League team doesn’t usually outdraw Major League franchises, so Buffalo can continue to hold its head up high. And now for the tally’s so far… the Coca-Cola Field’s best as of 2010: Average: Mark Ryal, .334; Hits: 181 Jhonny Peralta; Doubles: 44 Jhonny Peralta; Triples: 15 Al Martin; HRs: 34 Alex Ramirez; RBI: 103 Alex Ramirez; Runs: 109: Jhonny Peralta; Stolen Bases: 41 Tony Womack; Wins: 17 Joe Roa; ERA: 2.14 Donald Taylor; Saves 26 Chris Nichting. As for the stars… they have definitely shone brightly here in Buffalo. The Future Major League All-Stars produced by the Buffalo Bisons at Coca-Cola Field: Moises Alou, Jay Bell, Rick Reed, Carlos Garcia, Tim Wakefield, Tony Womack, Greg Olson, Brian Giles, Jeromy Burnitz, Danny Graves, Richie Sexson, Bartolo Colon, Sean Casey, Jake Westbrook, Victor Martinez, Fausto Carmona and Cliff Lee.