Coca-Cola Field

aka Pilot Field
Dunn Tire Park
North Americare Pk
Downtown Ballpark

Buffalo New York

Home of the
Buffalo Bison

International League
Renamed Coca Cola Field in 2009 after being known as Pilot Field, Dunn Tire Park, North AmeriCare Park and Downtown Ballpark, Coca Cola Field was the first stadium ever built HOK. HOK would become world famous for their Oriole Park @ Camden Yards architecture... which they would build about 150 clones of, thereafter. A case could be made that HOK's first however, may have also been their best. HOK was commissioned in 1986 to build a special stadium for Buffalo to replace the old Rockpile (War Memorial Stadium), which had seen better days. The new stadium, while Minor League in initial construction, would need the flexibility to become Major League in a very short period of time. Buffalo fully expected to become a Major League city and Coca-Cola Field's construction had to provide for the ability to be doubled in capacity as soon as Buffalo got the call (from 20,000 to 40,000). Unfortunately that call never came. There were a few moments where the switchover from Minor to Major League seemed imminent, but sadly it always fell through. Either way, Buffalo’s support of this stadium was certainly Major League like and this ballpark would shatter all records for Minor League attendance year after year, (and frequently beat out Major League teams as well).