Coca-Cola Field

aka Pilot Field
Dunn Tire Park
North Americare Pk
Downtown Ballpark

Buffalo New York

Home of the
Buffalo Bison

International League
With their chances of getting a Major League team now seemingly dashed forever (despite 6 straight years of proving that they could support an MLB franchise) and a very un-inspiring team on the field… attendance fell below 1 million for the first time. 982,000 (still easily best in the league) came through the gates. Fans feeling slightly betrayed by their efforts to prove that they could support the team, would no longer make Coca-Cola Field the Minor League home of 1 million fans, as they would never reach that mark again (as of 2010). The Pirates meanwhile now seemingly set in their situation, said goodbye altogether to the city which brought them so much success. The Pirates moved their Triple-A operations out of Buffalo and into Calgary’s Foothills Stadium. Taking their place would be another closely located franchise as the Cleveland Indians moved from Charlotte’s Knights Stadium (The Castle) to Coca Cola Field. It would be the 4th time that the Indians utilized Buffalo for a Minor League farm club. While this left the fans less inspired than ever, the team did get much better.