Coca-Cola Field

aka Pilot Field
Dunn Tire Park
North Americare Pk
Downtown Ballpark

Buffalo New York

Home of the
Buffalo Bison

International League
The Bisons had lost much to Denver in 1991, but they were not going to lay down and give up. In fact, they would put up their best season so far in 1992 going 87-57 with a .604 winning percentage, behind the 2 most powerful hitters the new ballpark had yet seen. Catcher Brian Dorsett was the first Bison to break the 20 HR and 100 RBI mark at Coca-Cola Field, slamming 35 2B, 21 HR and 102 RBI… all 3 of which set new records at the ballpark, while batting .289. Right behind Dorsett was Al Martin who hit 16 2B, a record 15 3B, 20 HR, 20 SB and a .305 batting average becoming the 2nd hitter to break the 20 HR barrier and the Bisons’ first "20-20" guy (20 HR-20 SB). Eduardo Zambrano also provided some power, hitting 22 2B, 16 HR and 79 RBI with a .284. Greg Tubbs came back to hit .293 with 20 2B, 7 HR and 20 SB. Kevin Young hit a terrific .314 with 29 2B, 8 HR, 18 SB and 65 RBI. Future MLB All-Star Carlos Garcia provided some extra punch with 28 2B, 9 3B, 13 HR, 21 SB and a .303. Jeff Richardson hit .290 with 23 2B. Dave Clark hit 17 2B, 11 HR and batted .304 and Tom Prince hit 17 2B, 9 HR and batted .262. It was the deadliest lineup in Triple-A ball and an excellent pitching staff led by future All-Star knuckler Tim Wakefield (10-3, 3.06), Jim Tracy (9-4, 4.27), Mark Petkovsek (8-8,3.53), Victor Cole (11-6, 3.11) and co-closers Blas Minor (5-4-18 Sv, 2.43) and Joe Ausanio (6-5-15 Sv, 2.90) would all help the Bisons dominate the league and re-capture 1st place.