It would be the last chance that Buffalo would get to compete for the playoffs for quite some time to come. In 2006, the Bisons would put up a 3rd place effort behind the hitting of Jason DuBois (31 2B, 22 HR, 87 RBI, .275) and Ben Francisco (32 2B, 17, .278), a 27 game visit by Kevin Kouzmanoff (9 2B, 7 HR, .353), and the pitching of  Jeremy Sowers (9-1, 1.39), Brian Slocum (6-3, 3.35) and Hyang Nam Choi (8-5, 2.37). This was the best of a team that was filled with otherwise mediocre talents. The Bisons finished with a 73-68 (.518) record… their first season without a playoff berth in 3 years. They followed that up with a second straight season in 3rd place as they went 75-67 (.528) as the hitting got even a little lighter. Ryan Mulhern (36 2B, 16 HR, 76 RBI, .290)  and Andy Marte (16 HR, .267) led the team in the power department and Ben Francisco hit .318 with 27 2B, 12 HR and 22 SB. Aaron Laffey was the best pitcher at 9-3, 3.08 and Sean Smith was 9-7, 4.25. The Bisons stayed competitve all season and didn’t drop out of the wild card race until 2 days before the end of their year. Their final season as Cleveland’s Triple-A affiliate went without a whimper, with the Bisons playing under .500 all season long. They finished in 5th place with Todd Linden leading the team in HR with 14 (.278). John Halama (8-6, 4.60) led the team in wins. The Indians would move their Triple-A operations to a brand new stadium… Huntington Park in Columbus Ohio in 2009, saying goodbye to Coca-Cola Field after a very loyal 14 year run. In their steed, the Bisons welcomed the first New York franchise to Coca-Cola Field as the New York Mets signed a new PDC with the Bisons. The excitement of the Mets coming back to Buffalo for the first time since 1965 however, quickly went awry.