The Bisons were hoping to do what they did the last time they were in this situation… win back to back championships. The pitching however, was again more than a little off. Jeremy Guthrie posted a 12-10 record but also put up a 5.08 ERA. Steve Watkins was 9-2 with a 4.16, Jason Davis was 8-5 with a 4.61 and Francisco Cruceta was 6-4 with a 5.19. There was one pitcher however who shone through it all. Fausto Carmona put up a 7-4, 3.25 on his way to becoming the next Major League All-Star to come out of Buffalo. At the plate, the Bisons again tried to hit their way to 1st place, to make up for the pitching woes… and were quite successful doing that. Andy Abad (29 2B, 20 HR, 85 RBI, .293) and Ernie Young (20 Hr, 78 RBI, .277) put up 20 HRs each to lead the team. Jeff Liefer was right behind them with 27 2B and 19 HR, while batting a terrific .321. Ryan Garko, last season’s playoff hero returned to also put up 19 HR and bat .303. Brandon Phillips hit .256 with 24 2B and 15 HR and Mike Kinkade hit 35 2B and 16 HR while batting .283. Jake Gautreau added to the list of power with 30 2B, 18 HR and a .253. Dusty Wathan (14 HR, .262; 3 HR & 9 RBIs including a Grand Slam on June 2nd) and Jason Cooper (14 HR, .257) also reached the double digit mark in homers. Joe Inglett meanwhile hit .330 while stealing 13 bases. The Bisons had a terrific May going 23-7 which set them on the right path and gave them some buffer zone in case they began to slump. That slump came after pitcher Kyle Denney was slammed in the head by a line drive which fractured his skull. The team went into a dive after that. Before long, the Rochester Red Wings ate away at the Bisons’ 8 ˝ game lead and tied for 1st. The Bisons pulled away however over the final 3 weeks going 15-4 down the stretch, finishing with an 82-62 (.569) record. Still hot from the September fireworks, the Bisons took the first two games from Indianapolis in the first round of the playoffs. Up 2 games to 0, the Bisons went home to Buffalo to take the final game… which never happened. Indianapolis swept the Bisons home series in a dramatic come from behind victory to win the division series.