1995 would see another old friend come to town in the way of the Cleveland Indians. The Indians had been the last PDC they would have at the old Rockpile before it was torn down. The Indians just stayed with the team long enough (1 year) to make the transition to the new ballpark with the Pittsburgh Pirates coming in for the first season at what was then called "Pilot Field" (this stadium's original name). Now that the Pirates were gone... the Indians were glad to take be back with the Bison at their brand new park and take over the vacancy. The Cleveland Indians would sign a 4 year Player Development Contract and would stay with them through the dissolvement of the American Association and Buffalo's re-introduction to the International League (which the Bisons had originally played in throughout their history at old Offerman Stadium and even most of their time at the old wooden Olympic Park). They would bring with them, their top prospect... Brian Giles who would hit 15 HR and bat .310 in 1997 and then 20 HR in 1998 with a .314 before being traded to Pittsburgh to become their superstar slugger and for 4 years one of the National League's most terrifying hitters. Giles slammed over 35 HR for 4 straight seasons (39 HR, 115 RBI, .315 in 1999; 35 HR, 123 RBI, .315 in 2000; 37 HR, 95 RBI, .309 in 2001 and 38 HR, 103 RBI .298 in 2002) earning 2 All-Star nods along the way. (He was cheated as it should have been all 4).