Speaking of identities... there is no doubt that Buffalo has an identity that is known throughout the world... their famed "Buffalo Wings". These tasty creations combining hot sauce and the previously underutilized "wing section" of a chicken, began here in Buffalo at the Anchor Bar. Since then several other restaurants have claimed to have refined it to an even better product. Before long it became a world-wide sensation on nearly every restaurant menu in the country. The Anchor Bar however is still the un-disputed inventors of "Chicken Wings". If you are curious to try the original, you are in luck. The Anchor Bar is still alive and well and selling them the same way they did when they first opened their doors. However... if you want to try the Anchor Bar and their competition all at once, well we can arrange that for you. Every year the annual "Wingfest" or Buffalo Wing festival is held here at this ballpark where you can walk around the field and stand on the pitcher's mound and eat as many Buffalo Wings in Buffalo (and drink as many beers) as you can handle.