Whatever the reason for the stigma against Buffalo by Major League Baseball, it continues on today. Buffalo has proven for many years just how much they will support the Bisons. The problem however in recent years is that this town considers itself to be a Major League city and once the MLB passed on Buffalo (which it has over and over again), Buffalo became a bit disillusioned with baseball. It is no doubt, tremendously cold and snowy here during the spring and fall and that has certainly had an effect on the decision. Keep in mind however that Toronto played in an open makeshift ballpark "Exhibition Stadium" for 12 years and Montreal did the same at Jarry Park for 8 years which barely qualified as a Double-A stadium. Both of these locations were in the same snow belt as Buffalo is and arguably Cleveland still is as well. This ballpark is certainly of a high enough quality and after renovations and added decoration for Major League ball... it would be one of the better ballparks in the nation.