In 1991 the Bisons would break their own Minor League record for the highest attendance ever in a season reaching 1,240,000 fans. To put that in perspective... the Triple-A Bisons who play from April til September 3rd (keeping in mind that Major League teams usually play until October 3rd), would beat the Houston Astros, the Montreal Expos and the Cleveland Indians in attendance for the 1991 season. 3 Major League teams that would play an entire month longer and not be able to draw the crowds that the Bisons did here at this ballpark. The Pirates whose move to Buffalo appeared to be imminent, would themselves draw 1.22 million fans in 1993 and 905,000 fans in 1994. Even if they could just draw what the Minor League team was drawing without the "boost" they would get from doubling the stadium size and becoming a new Major League team... it would still be better than what they were drawing in recent years. Year after year it would continue on with the Bisons outdrawing the Chicago White Sox, the Atlanta Braves and Seattle Mariners as the city of Buffalo would be overlooked again and again as a Major League media market.