Major League Baseball almost happened here in 1969. The MLB had announced that there were 4 new franchises that were going to join the Majors and Buffalo was expecting to be one of those cities. When the city went up in flames from race riots however, the 46,000 seat Rockpile became unusable for night games after some players were held at knifepoint in the clubhouse. The MLB had to make a quick decision and without a Major League sized stadium that was safe to play in any longer, they instead chose Seattle, Kansas City, San Diego and Montreal as the new MLB franchises. With that the Bisons moved off to Winnipeg (for nearly a decade). Since then... Toronto, Seattle, Denver, Tampa Bay, Miami and Phoenix have all been granted new franchises. Out of all of the proposed cities from William A. Shea's renegade Major League system dubbed the "Continental League"... only Buffalo remains from that original roster without a Major League team.