When President Franklin D. Roosevelt began the Works Progress Administration during the 1930's to "build things" to help create jobs during the depression... one of the things he had local townsfolk build was baseball parks. Certainly a few of Norfolk's aforementioned baseball stadiums were a result of the WPA. It was an absolute "boom" in baseball stadium architecture all over the country and construction that wouldn't be seen again for another 60 years. Then... it began again. This time Kansas City's architecture firm HOK Sport (Populous) started the next great ballpark boom that began in 1992 and still is very much alive today. With its dramatic B&O Warehouse towering ominously over the left field grandstand and Baltimore's stunning downtown views in centerfield... many feel that Oriole Park @ Camden Yards is our own generation's version of the classic Wrigley Field and Fenway Park... and every Major and Minor League town wanted one of their own. No one seemed to want one of these classic new ballparks more than GM Dave Rosenfield who had been leading the Tides since they first came to old WPA project Frank D. Lawrence Stadium in the 1960's and all the way through the 23 years that was Tidewater's Met Park. Needless to say... HOK Sport were the perfect architecture firm to secure an iconic new ballpark for the Virginia Beach region. How the New York Mets and the city of Norfolk got HOK to create "Harbor Park" before all of the other Major League teams begging HOK for their own personal version of "Camden Yards", was simply a coup. That coup that was no doubt engineered by GM Dave Rosenfield who's love for Norfolk baseball dating back to 1962, along with his no-nonsense take charge personality had most-assuredly pushed Norfolk to the front of the line.