Throughout this whole time period from around 1920 to 1955... Norfolk's franchise was known as the Norfolk Tars (though they nearly switched their name to the "Norfolk Tides" in 1930 when they briefly joined the old "Original Eastern League") and they were the Class B members of the New York Yankees farm system throughout their history. Portsmouth meanwhile was most associated with the Chicago Cubs. To show you how deep Norfolk's history takes us... the Tars would produce 4 future Hall of Famers as Phil "The Scooter" Rizzuto, Whitey Ford, Whitey (The White Rat) Herzog and the incredible 18x All-Star who made the most interesting use of the English language... Yogi Berra, all played for this Norfolk farm system before going on to be inducted into Cooperstown. Other impact players from the days of the Norfolk Tars included 8x All-Stars Bobby Richardson and Moose Skowron and 5x All-Star Buddy Rosar. To make matters even more complicated... both Norfolk and Portsmouth had another close rival... the Newport News Dodgers (Brooklyn Dodgers Class B) who played just a few miles away on the northern banks of the Elizabeth River in Hampton's "War Memorial Stadium" making the Piedmont League a constant 3-way war... giving the local Navy-folk of this area something to fight about now that WWII was over. Luckily that stunning wooden stadium in Hampton still exists today and gives us a great example of the architecture and beauty of the once great Piedmont League ballparks of the Norfolk region.