As you can probably see from the lineage of baseball parks... Norfolk has a very deep history of professional baseball. In fact it is even deeper than it looks. The history of how "Harbor Park" came to be can be described as a "single tree that sprang up from two separate roots".  Following the "Norfolk Tides" timeline. you'll see that this tree, sort of took a "detour" west to the "International Airport" where the Tides were located in the town of Tidewater at Met Park (a New York Mets organization). If you keep following this root system down you find that before Met Park was built in 1970, the Tidewater Tides were now located at Frank D. Lawrence Stadium in Portsmouth. Then, there's a dark area here ... when baseball disappeared completely from the region for 6 years from 1956-1961 thanks to the advent of  television. If we go past those 6 years however... this "tree" picks up again... and splits into two.