Sitting on the banks of the Elizabeth River is Norfolk's jewel... Harbor Park. Many of us still think of her as the "new ballpark" of Norfolk. We forget that in 2017... she turned 25 years old. Though she looks as lovely as the day she opened... in the Tidewater region (filled with perhaps the most intense Minor League history of anywhere in America)... 25 years is a mighty long time. So long in fact, that Harbor Park has already outlasted the lifeline of the famed "Tidewater Tides" Metropolitan Park or "Met Park" (Triple-A home of the New York Mets) which lasted 23 years from 1970-1992. It also has already outlasted the famed New York Yankees home "Myers Field" which produced 3 future Hall of Famers (1940-1955) after its 16 year lifecycle. In fact it even has outlasted old "Bain Field" which began its lifecycle just after World War I (1917-1939) and produced its own Hall of Famer... but in actuality... even that ballpark only lived for 23 years. The only ballpark in fact that Harbor Park hasn't outlived ... yet ... was Portsmouth's old home Franklin D. Lawrence Stadium. Even that ballpark however lasted just 31 years (from 1940-1970). As of 2018, Harbor Park is only 5 years younger than even that "great grand-dad". It is almost un-imaginable to consider that the ballpark that Norfolk introduced to the world as the future of baseball in Virginia Beach/Tidewater region ... its jewel in the crown ... has already outlasted the lifecycle of every ballpark that has ever served as a Norfolk or Tides stadium ... except for old FDL of course. And even that... is going to be over-thrown so much quicker than you will believe.