The 14 years that the New York Mets PDC existed here at Harbor Park would lead to the production of some great Major League impact players. Pitcher Bobby Jones (12-10, 3.63-1993 at Harbor Park) would post a 15-9, 3.63 record for the Mets in 1997, becoming the first All-Star player ever promoted from Harbor Park. He was one of several during that inaugural season. Fernando Vina (.230, 16 SB) would be the 2nd future All-Star in 1998 when he  batted .311 with 39 2B, 7 3B, 7 HR, 22 SB for the Cardinals. Jeremy Burnitz (15 2B, 8 HR, .227 in 1993/14 HR, 18 SB, .239 in 1994 at Harbor Park) made his All-Star debut in 1999 when he batted .270 with 33 2B, 33 HR and 103 RBI's for Milwaukee. Burnitz however probably should have been invited with the previous season as well when he hit a season high of 38 HR and 125 RBI's in 1998. The following season saw 1994's Mike Remlinger (2-4, 3.14) become the 4th All-Star produced by Harbor Park with his 7-3, 1.99 record out of the pen for Atlanta in 2002. Many Mets fans felt that they were looking at the 2nd coming of Seaver-Koosman-Matlack when Generation X came to town in 1995. They had swagger, talent and attitude... sadly, they were also very fragile. 1st round pick Paul Wilson (5-3. 2.85), 2nd round pick Bill Pulsipher (6-4-3.14) and Jason Isringhausen and his phenomenal 9-1, 1.55 record at Harbor Park were expected to bring the Mets a dynasty to match the Braves' Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz. The trio however would face injury after injury (as do nearly all Mets' future pitching stars). Isringhausen would fare the best, becoming the first 2x All-Star ever promoted from Harbor Park... it however would be after many years of battling injuries and a move to the bullpen. Once there however, Isringhausen would become the 5th future MLB All-Star from Harbor Park while with Oakland... amassing 33 Saves in 2000 followed by a 34 save season in 2001 before being traded to St. Louis where he led the league in 2004 with 47 saves and a 2.87 ERA. While he was mistakenly overlooked for the All-Star game that year, he would get his 2nd All-Star nod in 2005 when he saved 39 games with a 2.14 ERA. Because Isringhausen and Generation X never reached their potential as "the next great line of starting pitchers, Isringhausen's career is often overlooked because as a closer, he finished his career with 300 saves. Paul Wilson and Bill Pulsipher however would each finally succumb to their injuries ... with each lasting just 6 "disabled-list" filled Major league seasons.