We used the word "bittersweet" to describe what was a "bad-breakup" between the Tides and the Mets, for a reason. The Tides may have lost their partner of not just 4 decades but for total "New York history" of 6 decades (remember before those 38 years, the New York Yankees were here at Norfolk's Bain Field and Myers Field for 22 years. That is a total of 60 years that Norfolk "served" as a New York farm club). This was the 21st century now and it was time for a major change. It was time to bring in the franchise that served this Chesapeake region since 1954. It was time for Norfolk's true regional American League team... the Baltimore Orioles. GM Dave Rosenfield was perhaps as excited to welcome Baltimore to be the new Triple-A International League home of the Norfolk Tides as he was of the Mets back in 1969. We luckily spent a bit of time with this great baseball mind back in 2006 and heard some truly amazing stories ... (most of which we couldn't share here as this is a family show...). We also got to really understand what was really going on with this franchise as they made the difficult decision to transition over to the Orioles (for anyone who is wondering where all this information came from... right from the "horse's mouth" and Dave wasn't afraid to let it be known publically... just how "offended he was" by the Mets' new regime. Norfolk was his town and nobody was going to disrespect it the way he felt it had been). Dave Rosenfield loved this team.... he loved this town... and even more ... he loved the fans. Sadly ... one of the great baseball men of this planet was taken from us in 2017 as Rosenfield succumbed to complications from cancer and had a heart attack. He was a character unlike any other and the world is a much lesser place without him.