Left Field features a seating berm which holds groups or if necessary... overflow crowds. There are 27 picnic tables which easily hosts more than 1 group at a time. In Right Field meanwhile is a 225 seat restaurant dubbed Hits at the Park... an all you can eat buffet which features 4 main courses, soups and salad bar for $18.95 which does not include game day ticket. Lunch is just $15.95 a typical lunch menu includes Brisket Mac 'n Cheese, BBQ St. Louis Ribs, Cajun Sausages and Hot Dogs, Cheddar Jalapeno Corn Bread, Fries and "Cheeseburger soup".  There is also the Big Pig Challenge aka the Salute to Pork Challenge. This includes 5 pounds of pork in the way of "4 Pulled Pork Sliders"; "4 four oz Cajun Sausages"; "12 Smithfield Pork Shank Wings" and a pile of Bacon and Chili Cheese Tots. This challenge is open to anyone trying to bring out their inner Adam Richman/Casey Webb and have their own Man vs. Food challenge in the Hits at the Park restaurant.