One reason why Harbor Park is so very intriguing to Major League Baseball and such a perfect Minor League park... is the rail infrastructure that surrounds the ballpark. There is certainly no easier way to get to the ballpark than taking the train... no matter where you may be. A light rail named after the team called the "Tide Light Rail" runs from the Fort Norfolk area Medical Centers at the base of the U.S. 58 tunnel in the west... all the way East to Military Highway and the junctions of I-264 and I-64... which stops not only at Norfolk State University but right at the front gate of Harbor Park. However those off you coming from long distances need not worry because Harbor Park also serves as the depot for the Northeast Regional Amtrak (Acela) rail line... meaning if you wanted to come and see the stadium, you could take a train direct from Boston & Springfield MA or NYC's Penn Station, Philly or D.C. and you would be let off right at the Harbor Park ticket gate. Those from NY who miss the old Mets days when the Triple-A team played in Norfolk for 38 years can come see the ballpark that produced many of their future All-Stars and impact players ... door to door. Those however coming from the Portsmouth area on the other side of the bridge will find a ferry service which will also will bring you right to the ticket gate.