Norfolk Harbor Park came so very close to being a Major League stadium. Ultimately a deal would be worked out struck between the Orioles and Expos and the brand new "Washington Nationals" were born. The biggest issue that stood in the way was the fact that the Nationals couldn't give Baltimore shares of its franchise to make up for the loss of their fan-base. A baseball team cannot own a part of another team. That would present obvious issues when they play against each other during the season or post-season, or in the winter meetings if one team is favoring trades to purposely help another franchise that it co-owns. The Washington Nationals had to give up something else to the Baltimore Orioles... their wealthy broadcast rights to help pay for the losses of some of Baltimore's fan base. (Those rights however were taken away from Baltimore in appellate court in 2017). Sadly...all of this meant that Major League baseball wouldn't be coming to Norfolk's Harbor Park any time soon. However there has been significant talk of expansion to 32 Major League teams in the near future. For certain... both Harbor Park and a replacement for Montreal's Expos will be in the forefront of offering up their services to become Major League franchises.