From the
Kurt Schweizer Collection.

1952 would bring Miami perhaps one of the most storied baseball seasons in the history of professional baseball. There is the thought in baseball that it takes a team to win. No season comes down to just a few individuals. An argument against that could be made here, as two men would go into the annals of Minor League Baseball, for perhaps the greatest pitching performances ever in Minor League history. Bill Harris came to Miami from Class D Valdosta, where he ate up the league going 18-9 with a 2.19 ERA. He jumped two classificatons coming here to Miami Stadium in 1952, at the age of 20. Harris put on a show in front of the league leading 120,000 fans that came to Miami Stadium all season long, starting in 32 games and being nearly un-hittable all season long. By the time the season ended, Harris' numbers were staggering... 25 Wins 6 Losses and an ERA of ... 0.83 in 294 innings. To put this into a Major League perspective, the lowest ERA in the history of Major League Baseball ... dating back to the 1800's, is 1.12 set by Bob Gibson in 1968. This wasn't the Majors. This was Class B ball. Still... 0.83 in nearly 300 innings is such an accomplishment, that it seems nearly impossible. The bizzare thing is... he wasn't the only one! If you think that an ERA of 0.83 is nearly impossible consider the fact that not one, but two men would accomplish this feat on the very same team in the very same year!