After producing several All-Stars and hoards of future Detroit Tigers, the Tigers and the Maple Leafs would make it official... as the Tigers signed the 'Leafs to their first ever PDC. The Maple Leafs meanwhile did anything they could to bring back the magic to Maple Leaf Stadium, even going so far as to hire a now 34 year old Al Wingo, who's 34 HR at Hanlan Point Stadium over a decade ago, still remains as the most ever hit in a professional baseball game in Toronto. Wingo however hit .253 in 78 games... with 4 HR. That about describes this franchise which also saw Earl Cook go 1-8, 5.75 on the season. The once great Maple Leafs franchise finished with an embarrassing 54-113 record in their first official season as the top Minor League affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. Despite the horrible record, the Maple Leafs managed to still promote 2 future MLB All-Stars in Rip Sewell (3-6, 4.42) and George Selkirk (13 2B, 11 HR, .287). Sewell would be a 3 Time All-Star for the Pittsburgh Pirates where he put up 2 straight 21 win seasons in 1943 and 1944 while George Selkirk would make his name as the regular RF for the NY Yankees, where he hit 28 2B, 18 HR, 107 RBI, .308 in 1936 earning his first All-Star nod. His second came in 1939 when he batted .306 with 21 HR and 101 RBI. The 113 losses would end up just being a fluke and while 1933 didn't hold a truly "competitive team", some players did rather well such as Ike Boone who was terrific at .357 with 36 2B and 11 HR and Luke Hamlin (21-13, 3.48). Despite producing a slightly better (but still under .500)  82-85 franchise, the Detroit Tigers said goodbye to the Maple Leafs, giving way to the Cincinnati Reds in 1934.