Frontier Field

Rochester New York

Home of the Rochester Red Wings
The current Rochester Red Wings began playing as the Rochester Bronchos at Culver Field in 1899. There were teams playing in Rochester dating back to 1877 but since that Bronchos team played that first game in 1899, they haven’t missed a single season in any year, even throughout the war years… even as cities like Buffalo and Syracuse went dark for periods of time, Culver Field, Bay Street Ball Grounds, Silver Stadium and Frontier Field have been in continuous use now for over 110 years. No other professional Minor League team in baseball can claim that it has played uninterrupted for every season since 1899. In fact, Douglas Brei reports that along with the Rochester ballclub, only the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals have played in the "same city continuously and uninterrupted" since the 1800s.