Coolray Field is one of the newest ballparks in the International League and Triple-A baseball. The ballpark replaced one of the long standing icons of the International League… the Diamond which was home to the Richmond Braves for 24 years and Parker Field (which stood on the same grounds) for the previous 20. Coolray Field would represent the first time that the Atlanta Braves' Triple-A franchise had ever played outside of Richmond since the Braves' moved to Georgia in 1966. The Braves however wanted their Triple-A team much closer to home… driving distance in fact. Their Single-A franchise, had also recently moved just northwest Atlanta and into the town of Rome.  The Braves had been wanting a brand new facility with all of the "bells and whistles" for their Triple-A franchise... one where these players at the top of their Minor League skillset, could hone their skills in an enviornment closer to Major League standards. Coolray Field was tabbed to be that place. (The Diamond meanwhile has found a second life hosting Double-A Baseball).