Bay Street Ball Grounds
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Rochester Museum & Science Center

located in
Rochester New York

Former home of the Rochester Tribe
Rochester Hustlers
Rochester Colts
Rochester Bronchos
The rest of the rotation featured Jim Holmes who would go 16-10, Tom Hughes was 15-12, Doc Manser was 14-9 and Kaiser Wilhelm would finish with a 14-7 record. The Bronchos would beat out the Baltimore Orioles to win the International League Championship for the 3rd straight year moving into the dynasty realm. That table would soon turn on them however as the Orioles were destined for revenge again and again and again. In the midst of all the great baseball that the Bronchos had produced over the past 3 seasons, they decided for some odd reason to change their name in the middle the run, becoming the "Rochester Husters" in 1912. Why a team would change their name and maybe their luck, which was winning pennants under the Bronchos moniker goes against every superstitious ballplayer’s inner being. Not surprisingly, the Hustlers would break the cycle finishing in 2nd place and out of the post-season… going 86-67. (Proving you never change a ball clubs name in the middle of a championship streak).