Baltimore was coveting a Major League franchise of their own for nearly 40 years after losing not one… but 4 former Major League franchises. The Orioles had a Major League team in the American Association in the 1880's (which at that time was a designated as "Major League"). Then before the turn of the century, the Baltimore Orioles had a National League team for 7 seasons, but the National League dropped them from the roster prior to 1900. The American League meanwhile made the Baltimore Orioles one of their inaugural franchises in 1901 but they moved to New York in 1903 and became the New York Yankees. Then finally in 1914, Baltimore built the new wooden Oriole Park V to house the Federal League's new Baltimore Terrapins… which was a renegade Major League system. The supreme court however ruled that the Federal League was impeding on Major League territories and squashed it before it had a chance to gain any foothold in 1916.