The Orioles would remain here at Baltimore Stadium for the rest of that season and what probably seemed like an eternity after that. Oriole Park V should never have been built out of wood, as all of the other Major League ballparks in its day were made out of concrete and steel. The problem was, the Baltimore Terrapins who built the park in 1914 (then dubbed Terrapin Park), were members of the renegade Major League system called "The Federal League" not the long running American League or the National League. Because the "Fed" was such a recent upstart, they simply didn't have the money to build a proper concrete and steel Major League park. Thus... the choice of wood as the building material was the final (and fatal) decision... a decision that would lead to one unforgettable and fiery evening on July 3rd 1944. A Photograph of the fire and its aftermath can be found in the Terrapin Park - Oriole Park V gallery.