The field is just beginning to take shape for the beginning of a new season. "Spring Training" here is still a week or two away, but we got to tour the field (and every other Honkbal stadium) with our good friend and Amsterdam native Chris Kabout of
Chris tells us that this ballpark is one of the few that has a complete indoor training facility for Spring Training usage when its too cold outside to play. Baseball was introduced to the
  Netherlands in 1869 according to "De Spring in 'T Veld", a book published in the Netherlands (which Chris Kabout has been researching) which portrays ground rules and a little bit about this new sport of baseball. A Dutch English teacher named J.C. Grase who vacationed in America and fell in love with the sport, however would be the "sparkplug" according to Kabout. It would be Grase who  really took the sport of baseball, alive in the country of Holland, here in Amsterdam.