The very first "Honkbal Hoofdklasse" team would be established here in Amsterdam but obviously not at this stadium according to Chris Kabout. That ballpark would be Sportpark Sloten which amazingly is still standing. Amsterdam's original team "Quick" & one of the "Major League" baseball franchises that played up until the 1990's called the Amstel Tigers, would utilize Sportpark Sloten. The Pirates however never played there. They originally came from Sportpark Jan van Galenstraat... a small ballfield near their original soccer field (they used the soccer field before the ballfield) which the Pirates utilized from their birth in 1959 until 2000. The ballfield would be demolished for a housing project in 2000. That is when they moved here to Sportpark Ookmeer. The Pirates would have two league championships in their old ballfield in 1987 and 1990.