Along with this brand new Montreal Expos Minor League franchise taking over the ballpark during the summer, the Montreal Expos themselves were looking for a Spring Training home for their new team. The Expos were set to take the field for the very first time in 1969. Nearly every team in the league had their own Spring Training ballpark except for one instance ... Al Lang Stadium in St. Petersburg which was shared by both the Mets and the Cardinals. The Expos seemed to believe that this sort of shared
situation could work... especially for a small growing team like Montreal and in 1969 announced that they would be sharing the West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium with the Atlanta Braves. The Braves were a somewhat new team themselves, having moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee just a few years earlier. They were a very hot franchise as well featuring one of the greatest home run hitters in Major League history... Hank Aaron. In fact, in during the Braves' first season in West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium, Hank Aaron would break camp and go on to lead the league in HRs and RBI's with a 44/130 split in 1963. Some would argue that Aaron deserved the MVP for that year but would come in 3rd as Sandy Koufax went 25-5. Hammering Hank was hardly the only future Hall of Famer on the field that year to open West Palm Beach.