When it opened, it was quite a stunning ballpark. A modern marvel with its cantilevered roof and beautiful blue seating beneath the striking Florida sky. It had to be beautiful. It was replacing a true legend in Connie Mack Field (Wright Field) which had been home to Spring Training baseball from 1924 all the way until 1962. Connie Mack Field was so legendary that instead of the Florida State League fielding its West Palm Beach franchise at this new ballpark, they continued to play all summer long at Connie Mack Field to keep it active and away from the wrecking ball.  It remained that way until 1969 when the paradigm shifted... and the Florida State League's West Palm Beach Braves gave up their affiliation due to the expansion of the Major Leagues and the incoming new franchise, the "Montreal Expos". With the Expos now at the helm of the Single-A team, the first thing they would do is bring their Florida State League WPB Expos to the new ballpark thus ending Connie Mack Field's history and beginning a new history of full time summer baseball here at West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium. Connie Mack Field was gone 4 years later, demolished in favor of a parking garage for the Kravis Center.