West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium was designed in 1962 to be a modern marvel... the "future" of the Major League Baseball Spring Training facility, and built to replace one of the most legendary Spring Training ballparks of its day... Connie Mack Field (aka Wright Field). From the day it was "officially born" on March 9th, 1963 until its final days as a official Spring Training ballpark in March of 1997, this facility would be the Spring Training home to the Milwaukee Braves (including their move to Atlanta). Unlike many Major League franchises who tend to move their Spring Training locations around quite a bit... the Braves have always stayed loyal to their home locations, having trained at McKechnie Field in Bradenton before this, for 15 long years... from 1948 until 1962. They would do 20 better here, adding another 2 whole decades, putting in 35 total years... training in this facility in every single year of its lifecycle that it proudly stood in West Palm Beach Florida.