Green Field would begin with a capacity of 2,000 and eventually increase to 3,000 seats. The Dodgers would move into the ballpark in 1923 and after training at 5 different ballparks in the past 10 years, they would remain here at Green Field and only Green Field, for the next 10. The ballpark would host such superstars and Hall of Famers as Burleigh Grimes and the great Dazzy Vance (as shown above) who would win 28 games for the Brooklyn Dodgers (Robins) in 1924 as well as 22 in 1925 and 1928 after training here during the spring. After a terrific decade here, the Dodgers moved
on in 1933 to Tatum Field in Miami Florida (located next door to the Orange Bowl). There were no Major League teams that came knocking to replace the vacancy but Green Field would find a suitor in the International League as the Triple-A Newark Bears... a New York Yankees franchise, took over the ballpark for the next few seasons. The Dodgers however found that Miami was not conducive to being a "permanent home" for them the way Clearwater had been. They moved they following season to Orlando. Tinker Field as it would turn out, didn't offer the same sort of permanency that Green Field had either. 3 years after leaving Clearwater, the Dodgers determined that walking away from Green Field , was clearly a mistake.