The Brooklyn Dodgers aka the Brooklyn Robins (shown above in front of Green Field in 1925), wanted a place that they could truly hang their hats. A place... that was built just for them. Jacksonville and New Orleans were really full time Minor League ballparks that were able to host Major League Spring Training during the downtime of early spring. The Dodgers envisioned more of a Dodgers facility that they could control. In the early 20's, Charles Ebbets met with the town of Clearwater and discussed creating a ballpark that could be that permanent home for Brooklyn every spring. The meeting proved very fruitful and on October 10th 1922, Clearwater voted and approved a $25k bond. That bond would commission a new ballpark to be built for the Dodgers.*(October 11 1922 St. Petersburg Times). By 1923 the new wooden ballpark was completed.  It was (originally) dubbed  as "Brooklyn Field" but would soon be known as Clearwater Athletic Park and finally Ray Green Field. The ballpark was located 2 blocks east of where Jack Russell Stadium would eventually be built, on the corner of Palmetto Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The North Greenwood Recreation and Aquatic Center, stands on its original grounds today.