Now that they had a Championship under their belts, these Capitals were all geared up to come out blazing for the 1936 season. Glenn Murray returned for half the year to hit .366 with 15 2B, 9 3B and 7 HR. Walter Rospond (27 2B, 14 3B, 6 HR, .243) would lead the league in runs scored with 106 and Stew Hofferth would bat .335 before going on to play for the Boston Braves. The Capitals were easily the best team in the league and took 1st place with ease with at 69-50 (.580). Finishing 6 games above the Albany Travelers, the Tallahassee Capitals blew through the playoffs this time sweeping the series and taking home their 2nd straight Georgia-Florida League Championship. Just as things were getting reaching the pinnacle of excitement here at Centennial Field, the New York Giants short term PDC came to an end after 2 years. Despite their amazing efforts and owning 2 Championships after 2 seasons, there were no takers for Tallahassee's services and they would have to play the 1937 season as a co-op franchise. Not surprisingly, the talent simply wasn't there to continue on that torrid pace.