With the original ballpark as shown above, being located right in front of the Florida Capital… the very first professional team in Tallahassee was appropriately known as … the "Tallahassee Capitals". The Capitals were one of the very first teams, signed up to the brand new "Georgia-Florida League". At the time the GFL had 2 of its 6 teams located in the "sunshine state" (here at Centennial Field and the other at Lions Park in Panama City FL). When Panama City left the league after the inaugural 1935 season however, Tallahassee would be… for the rest of the "Georgia-Florida League's" existence, the only Florida team on the roster. The rest of the league rounded off with teams in Albany, Americus, Moultrie and Thomasville Georgia. Though it was only 1935 and most teams throughout Minor League Baseball were co-op franchises, the Georgia-Florida League often held affiliations and the Tallahassee Capitals would begin their lives as the Class D member of the New York Giants organization.