The Reds seemed to be scared off by the lowly finish and were gone after only one year, but Dublin was able to secure another full time Player Development Contract. This time it was with the Pittsburgh Pirates. To celebrate that fact, the Green Sox were no more and the team was given an even more Irish name… the Dublin Irish! (Can't get any more Irish than that). The Pirates contract would last quite awhile as they signed for 4 full seasons which unfortunately didn't seem to help this team in the standings. There were two standout players… Nicholas Stanziani (11 HR, .300) and John Petrick (11 HR, .322) but that wasn't nearly enough to get this team off the ground as the new 1953 Dublin Irish finished in 7th place again at 47-78 and attendance dropped another 10k to just 25,000. The talent finally started to roll back in during the 1954 season as George Arent (24 2B, 21 HR, .291), Samuel Buell (22 2B, 18 HR, league leading 150 Runs, .259) and Bill Causion (36 2B, 8 4B, 18 HR, 116 RBI, .326) joined up with pitcher Dean Lakatosh (21-6, 4.02) to send Dublin back to the playoffs (82-48, .631) where they again lost in the 1st round. The town seemed so happy to have a good team again that attendance more than doubled to 57,000. Unfortunately the Irish were taken out in the 1st round by the Douglas Trojans. By 1955, the Irish were back to being a miserable team again putting up a 49-61 record in front of just 16,997 fans. A returning George Arent (20 2B, 19 HR, .294) was the team's only decent hitter and by 1956, even he was gone.