Americus kept its Cardinals moniker despite being a Dodgers franchise. That was good as far as the Brooklyn Dodgers were concerned as Americus finished in last place with a 50-71 record, 22.5 games behind 1st place. As quick as the Dodgers came, is as quick as they were gone. Americus would sign to their 3rd PDC in 3 years with the Washington Senators franchise for the 1938 season. While things started to look better under the D.C. umbrella, the season would be cut short here at the Americus Play Grounds. Americus knew that if they were going to stay in the Georgia-Florida League, that they couldn't continue to play in a small little ballpark. Mayor Thomas L. Bell led the way to a brand new wooden ballpark that would be able to support thousands of fans per game. Though the new Thomas L. Bell Stadium rose quickly it was very strong so strong that it still exists today as one of the few great wooden ballparks of the 1930's. By mid season, the Americus Cardinals were playing at the new ballpark. There is no information as to when this little field was finally torn down.
For those who would like to find out more about Shoeless Joe Jackson's season in Americus, there is a book that was written about it by John Bell called
"Shoeless summer : the summer of 1923 when Shoeless Joe Jackson played baseball in Americus, Georgia"